Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can I get a WELCOME?

Here's our new blog. Yay!

Chatty CathyAnyone ever heard the of a Chatty Cathy? It was a doll produced in the 1960's that actually TALKED! If you've ever been called a Chatty Cathy, that means you talk to much. You might want to work on that...

It just so happens that my husband is Chad. And I am Catherine. So there you go. Chaddy Cathy. Pretty creative, right?

Read this:

"Dolls have always happily provided companionship to little girls, acting as security blanket and trusted companion. But Chatty Cathy offered something more, something special. Not only could you talk to Chatty Cathy and share your woes but, thanks to the tug of a ring on a string, Cathy could talk back.

And talk she did.

She could offer words of encouragement (“I love you!”), bark orders (“Take me with you!” or “Change my Dress!”) and even make helpful suggestions to alleviate boredom (“Let’s play house!”.) Her eleven (and later, 18) simple and random phrases were enough to satisfy the conversational needs of most girls and give them that special friend that they longed for after a harrowing day of preschool or a traumatic run-in with a sinister sibling.

From her inception in 1959, Chatty Cathy was an instant hit, a must-have on the ol’ Christmas list and Mattel Toys was more than happy to comply with those demands and deliver. Cathy was offered in a variety of styles, with various complexions, eye colors, and hairstyles available, along with a number of wardrobe choices ranging from average toddler attire to fur coats and other fashionable items.

But, of course, it was the voice that was music to the ears of many a youngster and a special voice it was – not to mention familiar. June Foray, who provided Chatty Cathy with vocal chords is also known as one of the most prolific female voices in the industry."

Doesn't that sound like me? 

So, ladies and gents...I will attempt to do the inevitable, and hope to "satisfy the conversational needs" of most women and girls after a harrowing day at work or school or a traumatic run-in with a sinister fill in the blank.

Just a disclaimer: I'm not witty. I'm not obsessed with fashion or DIY or baking delicious goodies. I honestly just have a lot of spare time on my hands. Seriously, I do.
Let me be YOUR Chatty Cathy! I'll do most of the talking, and Chad will be there to rub your back or offer moral support. (As he OFTEN does)

Here's everything you need to know about me:

24 years of age

"Utah Mormon" transplanted to Music City, USA.

Essential Oil Junkie. I teach people how to be healthy...(Do I have another blog about this? The answer is yes.)

Self-proclaimed "thrifter." (Do I sound like a wanna-be hipster yet?)

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Ready to change the world with a tarp and a handful of teenagers. (joke for TR people)

I LOVE to do things with my hands. Cooking. Crafts. Photography. Like all the others.

About him:

Raised in Nashville, TN.

Musician. (Duh.)

AMAZING head of hair.

Strange obsession with Stevie Wonder.

Very particular about socks, sheets and smells.

Married me on August 9th 2010. Aren't we adorable?

Best person I have ever met. No question.

I hope you cool, big-time bloggers out there will welcome me with loving, open arms. And also laugh at my attempted jokes and comment on my posts.

Humor me, will you? (Oh, and uh...follow me too? mmmkaythanks.)


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